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Blume Blue Lavender Blend - 100g
Lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina make this blend balanced, calming and smooth. Formulated to soothe inflammation and settle restlessness. Ta ...
Blue Lavender Blend - 100g
Blume Reishi Hot Chocolate - 125g
Creamy, chocolatey goodness. Meet our guilt-free hot chocolate made with reishi and cacao. Support your immune system and fight off the blues with thi ...
Reishi Hot Chocolate - 125g
Rose London Fog Blend - 100g
Organic Oat Milk Chai Blend - 100g
Mint Cocoa Blend - 125g
Hibiscus tea
Blume Pumpkin Spice Blend - 125g
Say hello to fall's best friend. Finally a pumpkin spice blend with actual pumpkin! Organic pumpkin and maple combine in a warming cup of velvety good ...
Pumpkin Spice Blend - 125g
Blume Matcha Coconut Blend - 100g
Perk up and stay steady with our stone ground, hand picked matcha. Organically grown and sourced from the Nishio region of Japan, this blend is what y ...
Matcha Coconut Blend - 100g
Blume Turmeric Blend - 125g
Meet our best seller. This golden mylk is the perfect mix of super-spices to get your body feeling fine. Support your immune system, get that skin glo ...
Turmeric Blend - 125g
Blume Beetroot Blend - 125g
Our pretty pink latte is formulated to boost energy and help you repair naturally. Beets are rich in nitrates while supporting after-workout recovery ...
Beetroot Blend - 125g

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