Magnesium Bis-Glycinate Drink mix blueberry - 257g

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For those seeking magnesium with maximum gentleness
250mg of pure elemental magnesium per scoop
Available in three delicious natural fruit flavours: Orange Zest, Tropical Fruit Punch and Juicy Blueberry
For adults and kids aged 9 and

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Anxiety / Bone / Magnesium / stress
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Magnesium is essential in over 800 different enzymatic functions in your body, from DNA synthesis and energy production to proper muscle function and nervous system health. Magnesium Bis-glycinate Natural Drink Mix is designed for those seeking magnesium with maximum gentleness. The ultra gentle form provides the most glycine to ensure gentle absorption. Recommended for those with multiple prescriptions or digestive conditions like Crohn’s and colitis.

This drink mix comes in three delicious natural fruit flavours and provides 250mg of pure elemental magnesium per scoop. Stir it in some refreshingly cold water and enjoy!


Each scoop contains

(TRAACS® Magnesium Bis-glycinate Chelate)
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Juicy Blueberry - Maltodextrin, citric acid, malic acid, silica, stevia, tapioca dextrin, acacia gum, natural flavours, natural blueberry flavour, fruit juice (hibiscus concentrate), vegetable juice (carrot).

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