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About Us

Health was opened in November 2009 by Briony Balmer, a young professional inspired to bring empowered health and wellness into her community of Downtown Langley. With the support of family, friends, and the shared passion of coworkers, Health has quickly become a sanctuary of knowledge, healing services, and cutting edge supplemental products.

Customers travel to our independent store from areas as far as and around Metro Vancouver to seek the outstanding knowledge and compassion of our staff, a group of individuals with an incredible range of training and skills but whom all share one common denominator: a passion for healing the individual and the collective community through education. Our staff includes individuals with over 20 years experience in the industry, as well as a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and a Clinical Herbalist.

We Believe

At Health, we believe that well-being and vitality are multidimensional states of being available to every individual through education, awareness, and action. We believe that empowerment is the key to health, and that through engaging the individual in their own healing process a healing practitioner contributes not only to the lasting well-being of that client, but to the capacity of their community for wellness as well. We believe that health is a natural state of balance found within awareness of all facets of being: spiritual, emotional, and physical-and we strive to encourage this balance in every client we meet.


Our Vision

To be the premier health store in Langley that empowers our community to participate in their personal health goals by providing passionate and professional support by offering quality products and expert advice.


Our Mission

To inspire wellness in our community while being a pillar of health and wellness by providing individualized advice on diet, lifestyle and supplementation support.


Core Values

  1. Build Relationships

    Driven commitment and dedication to embrace individuality, inspire and empower eachother.

  2. Commitment to Community

    Support and empower individual uniqueness.

  3. Honesty

    Positive, empathetic, caring and open minded.

  4. Find Balance

    Only in taking care of ourselves can we help one another. Practice what we recommend.